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Red rock...

Living in today's world has got to be the most amazing time ever! Prophecy after prophecy is coming to fruition and humanity on the whole is healing. This is in part due to forums like this one, in which dialog can be invaluable in the ongoing journey towards one community.
I study indigenous cultures and eco-psychology for several reasons, the most important of which is to connect to my relations. So the word 'study' is a bit inaccurate. I immerse myself in this knowledge, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The result has been mind blowing. Traditional treatments for my illnesses are far superior to the ways of Western medicine and the fda... Eventually the illness can be completely dissolved when addressed properly, instead of being bandaged over by medications and shallow treatment.
From the connection of Turtle Island and Heart Island, to the White Buffalo, there are many ways to embrace prophecy in the moment.
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